Quotes of Agora:

"If two things are equal to a third thing, then they are all equal to each other."  如果甲跟乙都等於丙,則甲乙丙三者相等

"Now, I'm actually saying this to everybody here in this room." 在此我向你們鄭重聲明
"More things unite us than divide us." 我們相似的部分遠比相異的多
"Now, whatever maybe going on in the streets. We are brothers. We are brothers." 無論外面事態如何  我們都是同胞

"All these years, I've been studying. With absolutely no life of my own." 這些年來  我一直在研究  完全沒有了自己的生活
"And I wonder, what was the point?"  到最後  這一切又有什麼意義?

"Whoa, forget about what was said today.......Is this all life holds for me?" 忘了今天那些話吧....是生活困住了我吧?

"Purity of the circle has blinded us from seeing anything beyond it." 正是圓形的完美讓我們忽視了其他的一切
"The same way that the glare of the sun blind us from actually seeing the stars." 就像耀眼的太陽讓我們看不見星星

"Are you a true Christian?" 你是真正的基督徒嗎
"Or did you like so many others, only convert to prosper in politics?" 還是你也跟其他人一樣,為了政治利益而叫賣信仰?

"What if we dared to look at the world just as it is?"  如果我們敢於面對世界的本相會怎樣?
"Let us share for a moment every preconceived idea." 我們先摒棄那些先入為主的想法
"What shape would it show us? What shape?" 它會是什麼形狀?  什麼形狀?

"Synesius, you don't question what you believe."辛奈西斯  你從不懷疑你的信仰
"You cannot." 你做不到。

"I must." 但我一定得懷疑。


【觀後感】AGORA〈風暴佳人〉 — 每個人都可以是追求真理的旁觀者

電影: Agora 風暴佳人/穹蒼下的女神

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